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Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a strengths-based, brief intervention that promotes attunement, sensitivity, and mentalization in relationships. The principles and practice can be used to work within any relationship.

VIG is effective with parents and carers of children across all ages (including babies and unborn babies and is used in a variety of contexts, including health, schools and social care. 

We have some funded sessions available for babies in need who are referred by professionals.

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VIG beliefs

VIG practitioners are guided by values and beliefs around equity, respect and empowerment, including:

  • a belief that people in troubled situations do want to change

  • a belief that affirmation and appreciation of strengths is the key to supporting change

  • a belief that in every conversation there are two equally important people

  • a belief that trust is built through recognition and empathetic regard for what people are managing

  • a conviction that people must be actively involved in their own change process.

How does VIG work?

VIG highlights and builds on attuned moments in interaction.

Clients are supported by a VIG practitioner to view and reflect together on strengths-based micro-moments of video.

Clients are asked: ‘What is it that you are doing that is making a difference?’ Through this process of active engagement and reflection, clients become aware of, and build on, their skills in attunement.

VIG is powerful and emotionally moving: client’s voice their surprise and pleasure in what they see.

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