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Supporting children and giving carer's a break


We offer a befriending service for children from 1-25 years.

The Mission

We are able to offer befriending sessions for children, teens and young adults with experienced DBS checked practitioners.

There are many reasons why children and young people may need some befriending from someone with insight into their emotional, social or physical needs.

They may be struggling with anxiety/depression, have physical illness/disability, be a young carer or have suffered some trauma to name a few.

There are also times where they may be impacted by their carer's mental health conditions which may mean they do not get to leave the house or have fun as often as they would like.

Befriending sessions give children and young people a chance to feel free, have fun and talk about any issues they wish to gain a different perspective on.

How sessions look

Sessions are personalised to ensure they meet the needs and wishes of the child or young person.

It may be a kick about  at the local park, a playframe, a structured activity, day out at a theme park, or support with homework or emotions.  We assess what is most helpful to the service user.

It can also be facilitating a fun activity at home whilst a parent has a sleep or completes housework.

We will not have sole care of any child under the age of 2, however we can work with them if a parent/carer is present.

**Please note that as of January 2023, we no longer run the surrogate relative scheme.  However. 6 sessions of play therapy and 6 sessions of befriending can be run together to create a similar package.

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