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Frequently asked questions

I am a professional.  How can  make a referral for funded services for a client?

Please email us for a referral form

I am a parent, can I book directly?

Yes, but fees are applicable

Are practitioners police checked and qualified?

Yes, all staff hold an enhanced DBS certificate and are appropriately qualified.  All have had their qualifications and registrations verified.  We do not employ unqualified staff.

Do you contact other professionals about work you do with my child?

No.  It is up to you to share this information.  However, if we are concerned about a child's safety we will follow our safeguarding policy (which is sent to you prior to work starting)

How long does VIG take?

On average you will have 3 'cycles' but this is needs led and discussed with you.  A cycle involves a session of filming and a 'shared review' (usually two sessions but this can be completed in one session)

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How long is a play therapy session?

50 minutes

What if my baby cries in a  group?

Babies cry!  This is never a problem.  We will always support you with this.  It is important that you meet your baby's needs. If they need feeding, feed away.  If they need to be changed then take time to to change them.  We will help you with strategies to help soothe your baby.

How do I book an appointment?

Most of our communication is via email,

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